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Our Growers | St Ewe Farm

Hi and welcome to our fresh produce range. We work closely with our farmers and growers to source as much as we can locally. In this regular blog series we take a closer look at our growers and the fantastic people who make it all possible. Today we are delighted to highlight St Ewe Farm and introduce Steve Nelson.

“ As the farm manager and site engineer at St Ewe no one day is ever the same and my favourite part of the job is overcoming challenges. An interesting fact about chickens is that they dream just like we do and their health is our number one priority. “

“ We have worked hard with our feed supplier to develop bespoke, highly nutritious feed for our hens. These nutrients are then deposited into the eggs and onto us – happy, healthy hens make delicious eggs! At St Ewe we create and pack the eggs ourselves and see the whole process through. “

“ If I knew then what I know now I honestly would do nothing differently. You learn every day so just enjoy it. The most positive thing I can take away from the Covid-19 experience is the enjoyment of being a key worker. Suppling the country with food and our quality handpicked and packed fresh eggs. “

“ There is a new line on the way and also our biggest project to date is underway– watch our space for our exciting new updates to come. We like working with WestCountry because it is a good supply to local people who offer quality produce. “

St Ewe Farm

An independent family run business who use traditional farming methods and pride themselves on the welfare, nutrition and care for their hens. With a specialist and unique feed of locally sourced raw materials, their hens have the right mix of nutrients, minerals and vitamins to produce fabulous tasting and the UK’s most comprehensive egg range.

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