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Chasing Rainbows - All the Colours of Chard

Now that we have stunning, Cornish, rainbow chard in the fridges it is time to take a closer look at this versatile vegetable.

This beautiful subspecies of beetroot could best be described as bridging spinach and kale. Rainbow chard is made up of different cultivars to creates a crop that combines the differently flavoured colours and textures to add richness to your plates.

The mild taste of the vivid ruby chards combine with the peppery robust flavours of the canary yellow. The strong white taste of the creamy white stems are ideal for cooking and the greenish white stems with their juicy, tasty leaves and stems make a perfect substitute for asparagus.

Their Sicilian origins mean chard is a natural ingredient for Mediterranean cookery

The leaves and the stems can be used separately so you can add the leaves to casserole and flavour a stew with the stalks. With the smaller younger leaves adding colour and flavour to a salad, this multi purpose vegetable really is great value.

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