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Parsnip Update

What a relief to be seeing the sun at long last. UK potatoes and other crops have finally been planted with farms all across the UK working night and day, springing into action all available machinery and man-power to make up for the later than usual start.

At Westcountry, we believe in keeping our customers up to date with our produce and we love to celebrate the quality and range from our amazing growers and suppliers. However, this candour also means sharing the less great news.

Although the record breaking season of rain seems to be behind us at last, the wet weather continues to take it's toll on the end of some of our UK crops.

One such affected crop are parsnips. We are now reaching the end of the UK crops before transitioning to continental supplies. The rain-fall has meant that the last harvests of the Class 2 parsnips have been of a much lower yield and that harvest may have decolouration and light rot which do not meet our usual standards. The Class 1 parsnips are available to order but although visually flawless, are facing similar yield challenges and therefore are in very short supply.

We are always reluctant to supply produce which compromises our standards but in an attempt to strike the balance between supply and quality, we will endeavour to supply useable produce at a reduced price-point on request.

To ensure consistent quality at a lower cost, consider ordering our frozen parsnips.

Please ask about our market availability when ordering.

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