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Great British Chocolate

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

New versatile and sustainable range of cooking chocolate, designed to delight your customers with an iconic British taste. Beautifully rounded and smooth with distinct flavours, this chocolate is easy to use and suitable in many applications. Created, manufactured and packed in Britain.

The range includes a 70% Dark chocolate with intense coca flavours and a smooth rounded finish. A well balanced and smooth 55% Dark chocolate which is bittersweet and lingers on the palette. 35% Milk chocolate with caramel and creamy tones, with a high roast and balanced cocoa taste. And finally, a smooth, rich, creamy 25% White chocolate with a distinct vanilla flavour.

The quintessential British chocolate for the discerning British artisan. The Steward & Arnold range of chocolates are specifically tailored to preferred British tastes and brings the best of their tradition and expertise to a modern audience.


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