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Putting the chef firmly in control of all the kitchen staples, consumables and cleaning products. Whether you need a sack of flour, a drum of oil or a catering size washing up liquid, our huge stockholding ensures that you get all the essential products, every day.

Essential Foods

Our dry stores and chilled goods division, the Essential Food Company, takes great pride in offering every product, every day. As well as the seasonality of our fresh produce range, we know that many of our customers have to work around the daily ebb and flow of our region's tourism and gloriously unpredictable maritime weather.  With that in mind, customers need to be able to access everyday chilled and dry grocery products on a daily basis.  Our commitment to stocking the catering and retail products you need and delivering them when you want them is unique and underlined by our 7 day a week delivery service. If we don't have that perfect ingredient or retail line you need immediately available and in stock, we will do our very best to get it for you.

The extensive chilled range includes Cornish milk, butter and cream from Trewithen Dairy, free-range eggs from St Ewe, all the standard milk variants, creams and vegan ranges as well as a wide selection of Cornish cheeses from various producers, including 2010 World Champion, Cornish Blue, and other favourites like Cornish Yarg, Helford Sunrise, Cornish Kern and Camembert, smoked cheese and local Brie.

The Essential dry stores range comes from trusted brands and our buying power is such that we can compete with the national distributors on price and offer significantly better service. With leading prices on the big brands and service levels second to none, we are your 'virtual storeroom', helping to keep your kitchens and shelves stocked through the busiest days of the year. Please contact our sales teams with your specific product and range requirements - we can tailor our deliveries to your needs.

The Essential Food Co. has all the branded chilled and store cupboard essentials in stock and immediately accessible.  This ensures we are able to act as your virtual storeroom, delivering where and when you need it.

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