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Veganuary Highlights

2023 has broken the record with over 700,000 people officially signing up in support of the tenth anniversary of Veganuary. They had received at least one sign up from nearly every country in the world and there is evidence to suggest the total participation is significantly larger than the number of people who officially registered.

View a selection of quality vegan products who had the spotlight during Veganuary this year, available year round from The Essential Food Co.

Alpro Collection

The plant-based pioneers began their journey in the 1980s, producing plant-based foods waaaay back before it became trendy. Leading the food revolution for over 40 years, Alpro have created a variety of delicious dairy-free alternatives benefiting from soya, almond, coconut and hazelnut ingredients. Using these alternatives, there's something for everyone.

Green Vie Delights

This year's new addition to our Vegan range includes unique and innovative plant-based products from Green Vie. Their range is produced in full respect of health, the environment and animals. Truly elevate your vegan cuisine with quality dairy-free cheese, spreads and gourmet wheels.

Minor Figures

Made for coffee lovers and for a better planet, Minor Figures is a well-known and respected carbon neutral producer of quality milk alternatives. Crafted by barristers for barristers, their oat milk is formulated to compliment the true characteristics of your chosen speciality coffee, adding natural sweetness, density, balance, and silky micro-foam when steamed.

Oggs Aquafaba

This is chickpea water, the new plant-based egg alternative from Oggs, and it works every time. Available in 200ml cartons, the contents are the equivalent of four medium eggs, and the end results are as good as you've always known them. Perfect for vegan baking, simply whip and whisk just like an egg in your favourite recipes.

Contact your local depot for more information or browse our range online.

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