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School Kitchens & Campus Outlets

We have a proven track record in supplying the Education Sector across our region. WestCountry is the nominated local supplier to numerous national and regional contract caterers, as well as the chosen local supplier for many independent state and private schools. We also serve both Plymouth and Exeter University campus outlets, as well as many local and regional college kitchens and retail sites.

The Education Sector represents important customers, with busy operational kitchens helping to maintain year round employment for our business and our wider supply chain.  This delivers significant direct benefits back through our network of local growers and producers.  There are well documented economic and sustainability benefits to this ‘local supply’ chain.  Every pound spent within our ultra-local distribution network means a greater level of retention within the local economy and a more sustainable ‘circular economy’, as well as fresher ingredients in the kitchen and on the plate.   

We can provide a key category partnership role for school and college kitchens, one that helps to deliver great kitchen food and demonstrates to ‘its customers’ - the pupils, parents and staff, that an important and significant investment is being made in maintaining and supporting a high-quality local supply chain that will enhance the food provided and benefit its wider academic environment.

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