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Premium Syrups

Updated: May 17, 2022

Discover the range of Monin flavours, perfect for cocktail bars and coffee shops. Monin syrups deliver innovative, gourmet flavour solutions which are built on a bedrock of more than a century of traditional artisanal beverage know-how. It's about giving pleasure and enjoyment by using only the best natural ingredients in the most exciting and creative ways.

Explore quality blends including The Saturn recipe from our friends at Monin.

- 50ml London Dry Gin⁣

- 7.5ml MONIN Falernum syrup⁣

- 10ml MONIN Passion Fruit syrup⁣

- 7.5ml MONIN Almond (Orgeat) syrup⁣

- 25ml lemon juice⁣

Combine all ingredients, shake and strain over ice and garnish with a fresh cherry and lemon ring. For more great recipes and useful tips visit their website here.

Contact your local depot for more information or browse our range online.

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