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Our Team | Emma Johnson

We end our International Women's Day celebrations by commemorate the one and only Emma Johnson. It is with great sadness that we said goodbye to Emma recently, as she moved on to pastures new, relocating to sunny Scotland.

The WestCountry Group is proud to be a people business, from our passionate producers and dedicated local growers, through to our drivers and office staff. We have had the pleasure and benefit of Emma’s knowledge, passion and drive over the last 8 years. Thank you Emma – this one is for you!

Name: Emma Johnson

Job Title: Plough to Plate Sales Manager

Nickname: Haven’t got one

Time in role: 8 years


  • part of your Job: working with inspirational people, finding new & unique products and helping artisan businesses grow

  • type of food to eat/drink: Anything with fish and a cheeseboard of course! Favourite drink – Tregothnan Earl Grey Tea when I’m being good and a glass of a good full bodied red when I’m not!

  • place/s to visit: Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

  • past time / hobby: clay pigeon shooting & metal detecting.

Quick recipe idea for your favourite food type:

How about my favourite Westcountry cheeseboard instead?


  • Cornish Blue from the Cornish Cheese Co (this converted me to blue cheese)

  • ‘Rachel’ from Whitelake Cheese (a washed rind goat cheese named after cheesemaker Pete Humphries ex-girlfriend who like the cheese is sweet curvy & slightly nutty!)

  • Quickes Oak Smoked Goat Cheddar (the best smoked goat cheese ever!)

  • Helford Camembert from the lovely Alastair Rogers at Treveador


  • Served with Cornish Seaweed Thins, Peters Yard sourdough crackers, honey roasted figs, celery and Cornish Larder Spiced Apple Chutney!

Why I like WestCountry: great people, great products, great service!

Dream Job? Archaeologist - if I hadn’t gone into the cheese industry…

Unusual / interesting fact about me: I’m a self-confessed Cheese-Geek! My first foray into cheese judging was at the 9th (I think) World Cheese Awards in London where, as a fresh faced newbie in the cheese world I watched & learned from the pros including Glynn Christian & Charles Campion.

If you knew then what you know now what would you do differently? I’d be less fearful of making wrong decisions & take life a lot less seriously – take more risks, try more flavours, have more laughs, listen & absorb!

Covid 19 specific question – what’s the most positive thing you will take away from this time? Peoples’ ability to diversify quickly in the face of adversity and willingness to pull out all the stops to help others –that and the MUCH quieter commute to work during lockdown

What's next for you? A whole new life in Scotland! I’m heading north after 21 years in Cornwall to take on a new challenge at the Buffalo Farm in Scotland and hopefully find a healthier work / life balance. Finally making a decision & taking a risk!

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