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Our Suppliers | Minor Figures

Minor Figures is back and bigger than ever. Oat m*lk naturally engineered to calibrate its performance perfectly when paired with coffee; dairy isn't a requirement for a good brew anymore. Now available from the Essential Foods Co.

Produced in Somerset, Oat M*lk has proven to be one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly plant based milk alternatives.

Oat M*lk Cartons

Minor figures oat m*lk does not split in the lightest roasts, and textures to the perfect micro-foam when steamed. Their main focus is to create a product which allows the coffee's natural characteristics to be present in the cup.

  • Original Barista Oat M*lk Adds natural sweetness with no refined sugars

  • Organic Oat M*lk Same great product made with certified organic ingredients

  • Chai Concentrate Oat milk infused with loose leaf tea and natural spices

Coffee & Tea Cans

Nitro cold brewed cans are now in stock and part of the new range from Minor Figures. There are five fantastic varieties to choose from including Latte, Mocha and Chai. Enjoy poured over ice or drink straight from the can.


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