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Our Suppliers | Deli Farm Charcuterie

Updated: May 6, 2021

Hi and welcome to our local artisan and gifts range. In this regular blog series we take a closer look at our local artisan producers who reflect all that is special and unique to our region. Today we are delighted to highlight Deli Farm Charcuterie and introduce Jean Edwards.

“ My favourite part of the Job has to be developing new products; we aim to introduce a new product each year and the fun part for me is thinking about what types of meat to use and which ingredients to pair them with. I like to keep track of food trends and being in charge of quality control as I get to taste everything! “

“ In the beginning we thought air dried charcuterie would be a fun thing to try and we did not realise that it would be as successful as it has been. We have no intention of becoming huge and our aim is to stay small enough to keep it manageable and fun. “

“ There was very little information about preserving meat the way we do in this country and during the early stages we did a lot of our own research. It was a very interesting time and a huge learning curve. We experimented, used family and friends as Guinea pigs and the rest is history. “

“ Try adding a little chopped Coppa to scrambled egg on toast; do not add any extra seasoning as there will be enough flavour from the Coppa. Made from Southwest pork shoulder, the Coppa is slow dry cured in a blend of salts and spices, coated in a pepper spice mix and slowly air dried to develop a strong punchy flavour. “

“ It’s been a very challenging year for everyone and we have been one of the very fortunate businesses that have been busy throughout this time. I am in awe with how quickly other businesses who have been affected by Covid-19 have turned it around for themselves. We like WestCountry as they look after their suppliers as well as their customers. “

Deli Farm Charcuterie

Multi award-winning artisan air dried charcuterie since 2006. Carefully crafted by Jean & Martin Edwards and their highly skilled team on the farm at Delabole using 100% quality meat from carefully selected producers.

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