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New Catering Lines from Cornwall Pasta Co.

The award winning, artisan, signature pasta range is now also available in 3kg Catering sizes.

Choose from 'Casarecce', short, rolled twists, perfect for cheese, meat, Napolitana, seafood or pesto sauces; 'Macaroni' for your traditional macaroni cheese; 'Mafaldine' - fluted ribbons of pasta ideal for delicate sauces or 'Zucca' (sometimes known as fioretti, meaning little flower) are pumpkin-like cups that hold any creamy or bolognaise sauce beautifully .

Cornwall Pasta Co, based in Mylor, Cornwall are the only organic British pasta company. Working with organic and regenerative farmers, growers and producers across Cornwall, and using only organic and foraged local ingredients with no additives or preservatives, Cornish Pasta Co create innovative, original pastas unique to the brand.

The traditional bronze dies used to extrude the pasta creates a wonderfully porous surface – perfect for absorbing any sauce.

Contact your local depot for more information or browse our range online. 

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