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Local Condiments

Offer your customers a selection of fine quality and delicious hand made local condiments from the likes of the Cornish Ketchup Company and the Cornish Larder Company, the perfect partners to compliment your culinary creations.

The Cornish Ketchup Company offer a wide selection of Ketchups, Brown Sauce, Mayonnaise, Hollandaise & Tartare Sauce. Whether slathered onto fry-ups, dolloped onto burgers or BBQs, spread on sarnies, seafood or chips their award-winning ketchups and mayonnaises are guaranteed to make meal times even better… total gourmet goodness!

The Cornish Larder Company offer Barbeque Sauces and a Bloody Mary Ketchup. The Barbeque sauces are smoky, tangy, fruity and sweet. They are very versatile and great alongside your grilled meats or as a marinade. The Bloody Mary is your grown-up ketchup which is rich in flavour and perfect for any savoury dish.

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