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In Season for April

April brings us the distinctive flavours and colours of early asparagus, red Russian kale and rainbow chard to add to the list of delicious seasonal vegetables in stock in our fridges.

Recognisable by its flat purple tinged, tooth-edged leaves, it turns out that red Russian kale is even better than the green variety. The purple colour is produced by anthocyanins - the same nutrient that blueberries and cranberries contain - which have even more powerful antioxidant properties. Yay for purple kale!

Asparagus has such a short season; running only from late April to June, it would be a shame to not take full advantage of this delicate green vegetable with the early crops.

Rainbow chard is often mistaken as spinach but these are two completely different plants and genus.

Why not try this celebration of the stunning colours of this versatile vegetable

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