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Food Safe System Solution

Customer Offer from Control Catering

We welcome any initiatives to develop standardised solutions to allergen and safer food control. Control Catering are looking at providing clarity through industry standardisation in the provision of this information, data and labelling.

The provision of more standardised data would ensure accuracy and consistency in this complex and important food safety discipline and would deliver a uniform approach to the whole network of manufacturers, distributors and hospitality end-users.

Control Catering offers caterers a one-stop solution to control systems. It covers cost control, standardising recipes, training, identifying allergens and all ingredients, dealing with alternative ingredients, calorie counting and label printing, due diligence, double checking and providing consistent and accurate information in a written format to customers. You can find out more at their website

The team at control catering are offering a 10% discount to any WestCountry customers interested in their service and annual subscriptions – talk to our team for any more information.

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