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Cornish Sea Salt

Make seasoning your food more exciting by discovering The Cornish Sea Salt range of delicious salt blends. From hot and fiery chilli to really garlicky, Cornish Sea Salt have created simple ways for you to add intense flavour to your dishes with just a pinch of the good stuff.

Other uses of quality salt include cocktails, pickling and salt baking. Making cocktails with a pinch of sea salt can make the world of difference, balancing flavours and adding depth.

Pickling techniques for keeping food fresh is back on-trend. From cucumber to kimchi, this simple foodie hack is great preserving food imparts fabulous flavour and texture.

Salt baking is another easy technique that's trending in the foodie world. Using egg whites mixed with sea salt, this method encases your veggies and meat in a shell that, when baked, leaves your humble ingredient juicy, evenly cooked and full of flavour.

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