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Cornish Flour

The Cornish Mill & Bakehouse produce Stone Ground flours and their ethos comes from years of family and traditional farmhouse baking. Based just outside St Newlyn East, they produce two types of flour.

A Wholemeal which has the entire grain used within the flour; with nothing added and nothing taken away. They also produce a sieved flour, which has been through a brush sieving machine to produce a lighter flour with less bran.

The Wholemeal flour makes a substantial loaf with real texture and earthy flavours. As the whole grain is used within the flour, this makes for a great healthy option.

The sieved flour is close to a strong white flour, however it is unbleached and still contains some lighter bran. Bread from this flour makes a much lighter loaf and has the added benefits of Wholemeal.

Cornish Mill & Bakehouse grow a bread variety of wheat called Mulika which is ideal for bread making. Their flour bakes in a unique way, with the finished product being different compared to most shop bought bread flours.

Contact your local depot today for more information or browse our range online.

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