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Copperpot Fudge - Special offer this April

Updated: Apr 11

Did you know that Fudge was traditionally made in a large copper pot on a stove? The copper heats efficiently and also cools quickly - all essential qualities when creating temperature sensitive goodies such as fudge.

This is exactly how the first batch of Copperpot Fudge was created. In 1978 in the iconic Cornish village of St Ives, David, London-trained chef and his Grandmother Doreen & Grandfather, Ken, opened their first fudge shop.

The mantle has now passed to the third generation. David’s son Mark now holds the reins and their Award Winning fudge is still created overlooking the sandy beaches and dramatic coastline in this quintessential fishing village and can be found gracing shelves across the country.

Expertly cooked and hand broken to a crumbly texture creating a melt in the mouth experience of pure sweet, buttery bliss, find their beautifully boxed unique flavours here at Westcountry.

On offer with 20% off throughout April, choose from

  • All Butter

  • Caramel Sea Salt

  • Clotted Cream Fudge

  • Maple Syrup

  • Valencian Orange

  • Cappuccino

Or forget choosing and just order them all!

Contact your local depot for more information or browse our range online. 

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