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Hospitals & Care Homes

We have supplied the National Health Service and Care Sector across the region as a nominated local supplier for over 20 years. Westcountry operates with extensive HACCP and Quality Control Procedures that comply with global standards for the storage and distribution of food, ensuring that we can be relied upon for the quality of our service.

We operate a continual QA process from intake all the way through to final dispatch. Our fresh produce range is checked at intake for freshness, appearance and quality, produce is then held in dedicated chilled facilities to ensure optimal storage conditions are maintained for all the produce. Goods are continually checked whilst they remain in storage, with final checks made at point of dispatch and by the driver on delivery. Products are sourced daily, subject to seasonality, from a broad range of local, national and international suppliers and producers. Our buyers have over 100 years combined experience and we are proud of our network of local suppliers and growers that have been nurtured over several generations, ensuring we have a constant supply of high-quality local produce available, no matter what the season. 

The customers we serve in this sector have a range of dietary requirements, from residents who are well and have a good appetite, enjoying a balanced healthy diet, through to care homes residents who are likely to have support needs and health conditions that impact on their food and drink intake.  This makes it very important that the food and drink provided is enjoyable, nutritious and accessible, in order to maintain their health and wellbeing.  The combination of our ultra-local supply chain, quality control systems and experience, means that we deliver the freshest and most nutritious food on a daily basis to our customers across this vital local care sector.  

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