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Our Canara Farm stamp and branding represents seasonal ranges of the most inspiring and remarkable produce grown by our selected local farmers and growers from across the south west.  A marque of the highest quality given to our selected seasonal ranges, ensuring you can see and choose the very best local seasonal produce at its peak.

Canara Farm

We are delighted to be able to select and present to our customers the very finest local and seasonal fresh produce available to us through the year. We also invite our customers to collaborate directly with us and our elite growers to experiment with growing unusual and experimental ‘small-batch’ crops to add something new and unique to their seasonal menus.

The Canara brand serves both as a mark of Quality Assurance for our premium selections of the finest local fresh produce and as an entry point to a world of customer-led seasonal experimentation.  This hand-picked range represents the very best from our leading group of high class primary growers of fresh produce here in the south west.

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