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Cafes, Bars & Take-aways

The south west is celebrated for its sandy beaches, wild moorland, mesmerising coastline and chocolate box villages, our delivery drivers serve even the most remote outposts and watering holes with daily deliveries. The region offers an exquisite combination of natural beauty, outdoor adventure and warm hospitality, with cafes and take-aways providing little havens and hubs for rest, recuperation and re-fueling.  

Our product ranges provide everything you need to satisfy the hungriest mouths with the freshest seasonal produce, kitchen and retail essentials, including artisan cakes, snacks and drinks, through to takeout coffee cups, containers and crunchy rustic chips..

Managing unexpected demand is an occupational hazard of operating a business in the south west, our business is set up to act as a virtual storeroom, utilising the strength and responsiveness of our distribution resources to ensure businesses can successfully navigate the peaks and troughs that come with trading in this highly seasonal region.  

We know that every trading day needs to be capitalised on, and that receiving goods seven days a week including Sundays and Bank Holidays enables our customers to prosper, as well as being able to react to shifts and peaks in demand.  Providing a second run and on occasions a third or emergency run service, ensures that our customers can react and cope with these changing demands on stockholding and availability.  We are uniquely positioned to deliver this market leading level of service.

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